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You wish you could do a read aloud every day.

Only Problem is...when do you have the time?

I hear ya! Believe me, I've been there too!

There are 3 main obstacles that are keeping you from implementing interactive read alouds
in your daily routine.


You want to make read alouds a priority, but you don’t know where to fit it in your schedule.  Your day is already jam packed with all the things that you don’t know how to fit it all in.


You want to use picture books to teach valuable lessons but you don’t know what questions to ask or what follow-up activities you should do.


You don’t know which books are the best ones to use (and you don’t have the time to find them!).

It feels like there are so many things standing in your way which is causing you to...

No matter how hard you try, you’re still struggling to come up with the time to read aloud to your students.

Sound familiar?

Camp Read Aloud

A FREE interactive workshop to help 1st & 2nd grade teachers strategically use more read alouds in the classroom. We’ll walk through all the steps to planning an interactive read aloud lesson.

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    In Camp Read Aloud, you will learn...


    How to prepare for an interactive read aloud lesson in order to save valuable class time.


    How to deliver a meaningful lessons that will get all students engaged.


    How to extend the read aloud to help students connect with the lesson.

    Bonus Mini-Lessons:

    When you sign up, we'll send you an invite to our Members-Only Facebook Group.
    We'll be sharing even more helpful content with these quick 5-10 minute mini-lessons.

    Mini Lesson 1

    Interactive Read Alouds 101

    I’ll break down what an IRA is, the purpose of one and the amazing benefits for your students.

    Mini Lesson 2

    Getting Good at Reading Aloud

    We are going to talk about ways to help you feel more comfortable!

    Mini Lesson 3

    Read Alouds & the Science of Reading

    How do read alouds factor into the Science of Reading?  In this lesson, we are going to dive into the latest research.

    Mini Lesson 4

    Do's & Don'ts of a Read Aloud

    There are a lot of ins and outs of interactive read alouds.

    Mini Lesson 5

    IRAs across the Curriculum

    We are going to chat about how to use them in writing, science, social studies and even SEL!

    Mini Lesson 6

    Live Q&A

    Join me to chat all things read alouds!

    Wait, there's more!

    A Camp Journal

    If you are anything like me, you are a note taker and want to keep all your notes from the workshop in one place. Grab your favorite pens and jot down all your key takeaways.

    Organization Labels

    You are going to be reading books in all subject areas after this training, so you need a way to organize them all!

    Planning Templates

    Start planning your interactive read alouds right away with these easy-to-use templates!

    testimonials from past participants

    what teachers have to say

    I came across your webinar and love your work. I have been teaching 2nd for a long time and utilized the strategies you speak of to read aloud and engage my students. I am impressed with how you organize your work creating beautiful plans.
    Dorothy B.
    I LOVE your webinar and videos. You are always so bright and cheery and encouraging. I love how you walk us through the read aloud steps in your videos. It helps make read alouds way more manageable!
    Mary R.
    Just wanted to let you know that I loved your webinar! It was super helpful and love everything that you recommend and ideas that you have! Can't wait to try this with my class.
    Kimberly D.

    Now it’s your turn to get results…

    How would it feel to...


    I'm Sara

    If you’re new to me…I’m a former elementary school teacher turned educational consultant and curriculum designer. I started my TpT journey back in 2011 as a side hustle.

    Before leaving the classroom to pursue helping educators full time, I spent 10 years perfecting my read aloud instruction. At first, I thought I could just grab any book to use as an interactive read aloud. #epicfail It was through a lot of trial ands lots and lots of error that I developed a read aloud routine that worked for me and my students.

    Once I finally had a good set of routines and procedures in place, I started to notice a change in even my most reluctant readers. They were beginning to LOVE READ ALOUDS! Every day I was able to incorporate read alouds across the curriculum.

    Because I’ve spent years nailing down the essential ingredients to creating a successful interactive read aloud. i pride myself in being able to deliver resources and trainings to teachers to truly make your life easier, and I know I can deliver that to you today!

    Sara 🙂

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    This is perfect for you if...

    You teach first or second grade.

    You love read alouds.

    You want to incorporate more picture books into your daily instruction.

    This is not for you if...

    You teach upper elementary.

    You don't enjoy reading aloud.

    You don't use picture books in your daily instruction.

    So, are you ready to join us in
    Camp Read Aloud?

    Still got questions?

    This workshop is for you if you teach 1st or 2nd grade. It doesn’t matter if you are a brand new teacher or have years of experience. Everything you learn can be applied to your classroom.

    Camp Read Aloud will take place inside the private Facebook group! You’ll receive a link to the group via email.

    Here’s a quick timeline of the week’s events:

    August 10th: Members’ Only Facebook Group Opens

    August 11th: Fireside Chat – Welcome to Camp Read Aloud! This will take place in the Facebook Group at 7 PM EST.

    August 12th: The live training, Purpose & Benefits of an IRA, will take place in the Facebook Group at 1 PM EST.

    August 14th: The live training, Getting Good at Reading Aloud, will take place in the Facebook Group at 1 PM EST.

    August 16th: The live training, Do’s & Don’ts of an IRA, will take place in the Facebook Group at 1 PM EST.

    August 19th: The live training, Tips to Make IRAs Easier, will take place in the Facebook Group at 1 PM EST.

    August 21st: The live training, IRAs in the Content Areas, will take place in the Facebook Group at 1 PM EST.

    Each days’ training will last approximately 10 minutes.

    Camp Read Aloud is 10 days.  There will be videos throughout that time that are approximately 10 minutes long.

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