In this online course, you will learn how to...


How to prepare for an interactive read aloud lesson in order to save valuable class time.


How to deliver a meaningful lessons that will get all students engaged.


How to extend the read aloud to help students connect with the lesson.

the 5 step process



So much can be taught through an interactive read aloud, let’s make it meaningful!

step 1

Choose a Book

It can be challenging to find the perfect book to match the standards you are teaching.  Let’s figure out an easy way!

step 2

Identify the Vocab

You’ll learn not only how to choose the right vocabulary words, but when to introduce them.

step 3

Determine Questions

It’s hard to know what questions to ask and when to stop to ask them.  We’ll go over how to choose the best ones!

step 4

Engagement Strategies

We’ll determine how to make the read aloud truly interactive and get all students engaged.

step 5

Extend the Learning

The read aloud goes beyond the book, but how?  Let’s come up with meaningful extension activities.


What's in the Read Aloud Toolkit?

Mentor Text Lists

Discussion Questions

Anchor Charts

Graphic Organizers

to use with any book!

So, are you ready to use more read alouds?


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